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Everyone has an estate, including you, regardless of your age. We guarantee you want to control who your belongings go to, and that will be the people you love and care about the most. We proudly serve clients in Newark, CA and surrounding Bay Area cities including Fremont, Union City, and Hayward. 

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Choose what belongings go to the ones you love

You estate consists of everything you own, including:

  • Your cars

  • Your homes and everything in it, including furniture, personal possessions, and appliances

  • Your checking accounts, saving accounts, and investments

  • Your life insurance, 401k's, and retirement accounts

After you pass away, you will want to make sure your things are given to the people you care for. A lot of people hold off on estate planning they may think they're not old enough or too busy. Don't wait until it's too late. Make sure you have a plan that will take care of your family before you die. 

Estate planning is more than just choosing who receives your belongings

Estate planning is an ongoing process as a long as live. You should review and update your plan as your family and finances change. Besides naming who receives what, your estate plan should also include:

  • Passing your values (religion, education, etc.) onto your children

  • Instructions for your care in the event you become disabled

  • Naming a guardian for any children who are minors

  • Providing care for loved ones with special needs

  • Instructions for transferring your business if you die or become disabled

  • Life insurance to provide for your family

Have peace of mind doing what you can control to make sure your family is taken care of after your death or disability. It is one of the most important and thoughtful things you can do for the ones you love.

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Your state will have a plan if you don't make one

If you become mentally or physically disabled, but you don't have an estate plan:

If your name is on the title of your assets, only a court appointee, not your family, will control how your assets are used to care for you. It can become expensive and time consuming, it is open to the public, and it can be difficult to end even if you recover.

If you don't have an estate plan at the time of your death:

Your assets will be distributed according to the probate laws in your state. In many states, if you are married and have children, your spouse and children will each receive a share. That means your spouse could receive only a fraction of your estate, which may not be enough to live on. If you have minor children, the court will control their inheritance. If both parents die, the court will appoint a guardian without knowing whom you would have chosen.

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